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James Russell

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As well as being a great score in Scrabble, XoverFreq is a place for me to bring together my writing, editorial, video and other software work in one place. With my work going out over so many channels, I wanted a place to gather it all together.

I also work with various companies in marketing music software, with a specialism in launching plugin instruments and effects.


Disclosure: Companies I’ve Worked For

Here is a list of companies I’ve worked for. My aim is to disclose these whenever I mention them in articles/podcasts etc, and I refuse to review products made by these companies unless no money has changed hands for a significant period of time.

– Future Publishing (Future Music, Computer Music, MusicRadar, Electronic Musician)
– Loopmasters
– Plugin Boutique
– Native Instruments
– Devious Machines
– Klevgrand
– Attack Magazine
– Auburn Sounds
– Accusonus
– Pulsar Audio
– Emvoice
– BandLab (MusicTech magazine)
– UrsaDSP
– Orchestral Tools
– Jamahook

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